To Console Users: What should the controls for a placement system be?


I’ve read up on posts on xbox controls and what the norms are (B to cancel/close gui, A to accept, etc) but I have a placement system in my game that I can’t figure out good controls for.

In the game that I script for, Business Simulator 2, players start on a plot with 12 slots on which they can place businesses on:

Then, they can click on businesses to earn from them:

Clicking on multiple businesses in quick succession is easy on PC and mobile, but I’m not sure how I should let console users select slots when buying a business and select businesses to earn from them.

I’m not very familiar with console controls, last time I played xbox was years ago, so I’m not sure what would be the easiest and most convenient controls I can have for console users to have a good experience when playing the game.

Any suggestions?

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When building new business on new plots, probably use a menu to select what the player wants to build then allow the player to use directional buttons/analog sticks to choose a plot.

I would probably add a button to view building details, like the one on the second GIF. Move the player’s camera to that plot/business then add a collect button.

TDLR: For UX sake, especially on console controls, try to minimize the number of button presses and try not to use the player’s camera to select choices.


How would a player choose which building to view details of?

I was referring to the GUI that shows the:

  1. Business Name
  2. Cash Progress Bar
  3. Cash per Second

You might just have a button somewhat close to a ‘manage buildings’ button that allows you to build, collect money, upgrade. Again, try to minimize UI menus, plus it makes sense to group similar actions together.