To much violence?

So I’m making a open world zombie type game, and you can be grabbed by zombies and then killed if you do not escape or not helped in time. So I should have probably asked before I just spent 3 hours on it but would a scene like this cause any issues?


I’d say this is completely fine, although I do suggest adding a option to turn off blood.

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This is fine because many games have a lot of blood and such but please remember to add a setting for turning off blood because it can be disturbing for younger players.


Yeah I agree with @As8D, having a selectable option so that you aren’t forced to view something that makes you uncomfortable is always the superior option.

Also I really like the system you’ve made, I think it would make a really good stealth game. :+1:


Should be fine, as everyone else said, make an option to turn off/on blood. I recommend blood off by default.

It should be completely fine, though during the loading screen, ask for options to turn off blood, as many people said.

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Alright thank you everyone for the suggestions! I have just added a option to turn off the blood.