To prevent flinging flying exploits I've come up with a momentum measure tool to insert into every character which would be a powerful sanity check


Here’s how it’ll work…

It’s a serverscript put into the character. Everytime character touches something it runs this calculation.

Mass1 x Velocity1 + Mass2 x Velocity2 = Mass1 x FinalVelocity1 + Mass2 x Finalvelocity2

Mass1 is the character, Mass2 is the object the character hit.

If after this collision one of the object’s velocity is way too different than expected then it means there is something wrong with the character and thus the character should be kicked.

What are your thoughts on this concept?


Very smart using the law of conservation of momentum like that.

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I know right. But if only roblox could add a pressure sensor to detect collision force yknow.