Token meter redesigns feedback

Much earlier into my project, the setting was of a Roblox-themed toystore, but a separate question by another user regarding the legality of using the logos troubled me, so I took an earlier suggestion and changed the tokens.

These were the first and previous designs…
Screenshot 2020-04-07 at 03.14.29

…and these are the new ones!
Screenshot 2020-04-07 at 03.15.25
(NOTE: Designs were only changed very recently. Text and purchase button will be updated later to match the colour schemes.)

These ones were designed after the game’s hosts to give them more originality.


Very clean design! Not sure if you already were planning on this, but I think it’d be a nice touch if you made the green match the color of the star, so maybe like a darker gold color, to contrast with the white backing.

Nice work! :slight_smile:


Thanks! …but I don’t have any plans to change the top token anytime soon in terms of colour.
It makes sense in context, but it’s meant to be the same colours as the Ireland flag.

Great work so far! Here’s some feedback,

I like the use of the 8-bit text, I think these should also be 8-bit not cartoon and rounded. It just doesn’t really go together. image

And some of the text and UI is overlapping in places, other than that great job keep up the god work! :^)