Tommy_eee's creation! #2 "Soyuz spacecraft" Feedback

Hello there! Welcome back to my another creation on my topics. So, this time. I don’t remember how many times did I spent. But, I counted roughly like about 20-50 hours.
About 1-2 month spent. 1230 parts used on the spacecraft. And some MeshParts made from blender.
Here’s my reference picture:

The picture is public domain!
The result:

Also, there is an Easter egg here! A little bit cute. :3

So, that’s it!
If there are some improvements inside. I would like to take them seriously as possible as I can!
The experience link:
Soyuz spacecraft (Recreate version) - Roblox
Hope you enjoy it!
Last, I do not know much of NASA things. So, if there are something wrong with this topic or any feedbacks on this. Please leave the comment down below.

Thanks for reading!


this is cool as fire! nice one, keep it on!


Thanks for the encouragement. I will keep it on!!

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