Tommy's Kingdom | How To Rank Up

To Rank Up At Tommy’s Kingdom, there are lots of ways.

Link To Tommy’s Kingdom:

First few ways are XP (Points) that will level you up. You need a different number of points for every rank. (Note: A few ranks can not be gotten just by ranking up and need special week-long training. They are called “HR Ranks”.)

Ways To Rank Up Through Points:


Work hard and get rewarded by an HR.


Be kind and get extra Rewards points


Donate and Tell an HR. He will then check, and if you did you will get 1 point per Robuk.


Attending meeting will give you points that can be used towards ranks.

This next way is special. Every 15k Robux you donate, you can skip a rank. (This does not count for HR ranks, and the Limit Is 3 Skips.)

The Last way is if you do something for the Kingdom that helps out a lot. Not just friendliness, but something like say if you were a popular content creator and made a video about us. You would be able to get 2 skips. (Donation Skips do not count), and HR ranks will also not be skipped.

That is all The ways to rank up, thank you for reading!