Tommy's Kingdom | Shout Use Guide

This guide if for people who have access to the shout, it is very important and every person with this access must read it.

One of the main parts about being a Tommy’s Kingdom HR+ is the shout. You need to know how to use it. You can’t just put random things on it. We will DEMOTE people who do do this.

Things You Should Put On The Group Wall:

  • hackers who Need to be banned from the game
  • Tommy’s Kingdom DevForum Handbook Link
  • A problem with the Discord Server that will harm the group

Things You Should NOT be put on the Group Wall:

  • Everything not on the other list

Please Note

  • The reason i didn’t list Update logs is because i will write those in the official Handbook.
  • Tommy’s Kingdom Discord Is an external feature of Tommy’s Kingdom and has it’s own owners and moderators.

Thank you for reading this handbook article.