T_ommyz Builder & Modeler [OPEN]

Happy Holidays! :gift:
Group 1005
Hey there, I’m Tommy! I have been a developer on Roblox for over 5 years now. I design UI and icons, and I also model and build. I am proficient in Roblox Studio and Blender and hope you consider commissioning me!
Group 1006

⚠️Terms Of Service ⚠️
  • I accept both Robux & USD, robux via t-shirt + tax, and USD via Venmo, Cashapp, or Zelle.
  • I will not show the builds without my watermark until you have paid. Once you have given full payment, I will send the builds without my watermark.
  • I have the right to decline your order.
  • You will be refunded if I am not able to complete your order. If you cancel more than halfway through the commission, you will not receive a full-refund.
  • You must pay 50% upfront, and the last 50% once the builds are completed. No exceptions. I am able to use a middleman if needed.
  • I have the right to charge you extra if your commission is harder and you ask for more changes.
  • If you fail to respond within 2-3 days, I have the right to cancel your commission without refund.

Group 1007
Click the arrows to view a dropdown of my works - those starred are my most memorable.

Cparem's Accession

Color Fall

Anime Styled Map

Completed 2023

Group 1008

Group 1009

Contact me at tommysevretaccount


New work, and major portfolio updates! I’ve listed estimated prices for you guys too, these may change depending on the complexity of your order!

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I love your work! I’m planning on releasing my game this month so hopefully soon I will have enough funding to hire you! I just saw your feedback posts and your builds are outstanding! Keep it up!

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Of course! If you’re unable to afford my prices, please note those are not the official prices, they can change up and down, depending on your order. Thank you for considering me! :slight_smile:

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Oh okay. I’m hoping to make a low poly fps game with laser guns in sometime shortly - I may commission you to make some maps. I’m unsure at the moment though, I’m a low poly builder myself :slight_smile:

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Vouch for Violas, great builder with so much potential


I would definitely recommend Viotlas to anyone, hes a great developer with a lot of potential.

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Commissions have been reopened, if you’re interested in commissioning me, add me here;

Hello, interested in doing working with you! Your discord doesn’t work, mind updating it?

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Try now, sorry for this inconvenience. T_ommyz#3902

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Vouch! Very talented developer. Was able to get a commission done quickly and cheap! Defiantly recommend him!

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Vouch for Tommy, really good builder.

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