[TONS OF STAFF NEEDED] Murlesque Operahouse Needs You!

Hi there, my name is @CalvinWindsor and I am the Director of Murlesque Operahouse. Currently, we are hiring a small-team of developers to help us fufill a large (and realistic) operahouse. Please continue to look below if you are interested, and feel free to join our communications server if you have any questions.

Please note for builders– we are looking for builders who can fufill realistic-like building. We are NOT looking for low-poly builds. We apologize if you do not fit into these standards.

Our Current Team:

@CalvinWindsor - Director of Murlesque
@ - Builder
@ - Builder
@ - Scripter
@ - Scripter
@unknown - Builder
@username - Graphic Design
@username - Modeling

About The Job

The Operahouse is going to be two to three stories large and will have a two-story seating area for guests, a large stage with fully functional lighting, orchestra pit, dressing rooms, rehearsal hall, lobby, full-exterior, dinner hall, balcony seating, and The Murlesque Penthouse (which will only be available for VIP-members of course.).

What the Theatre Looks Like:

We are basing our theatre off of the Palace Theatre in Waterbury. The link to a virtual tour is below.
Take A Tour Of The Historic Palace Theater | Waterbury, CT


This development project has shutdown almost 3 times before, due to scams from developers and issues with our development team members. That is why this time we are instructing a new policy in which we will not pay until the department has completed the project in it’s entirety. This meaning that builders will receive their payment once all building is finished. Scripters will receive once all scripting is finished. This meaning the entire project IS self-paced and profit for developers will be made once everyone works to their best ability together.

Builders will be paid roughly R$30,000 and will be given 10% of the game profit after the game has been released. Scripters will be given R$20,000 and be given 8% of the game profit after the game has been released as they will have a smaller amount of work within this project. GFX artists will be paid R$5,000 and will not be given a percentage but instead in-game credit and credits within the group. Group management will be negotiated with payment throughout this process.

Contact Us

Communications Server: Murlesque Operahouse
Directors’ Comunications: cal#1303
Development Manager: Frozen Watermelon#0001


You still looking for a gfx artist?


Hi! I think I am interested, but what do you need scripted?

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I’m adding you at HendricoMaximus!

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I’m interested, but could you please give more detail on the scripting?


Hey, I can help you achieve realism through lighting! If you are interested, check out my portfolio, and send me a DM!

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Hello! I am interested in this position as a builder. I’ll send you a request if you’re possibly interested.
My portfolio; Portfolio Link
My discord; imava#3686

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I don’t know if they’re serious about this game or if something just came up, but I messaged about cal about this the same day they posted it. They added me, but they never replied to me or said anything about the project. Just figured I’d let the rest of you know that they don’t really respond.


Hi there, Acb.

I’d like to ask you to please message me again. We were having some troubles with mass-communication.

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I am interested! UI designer


I’m interested in the builder position! Unfortunately, I do not have a portfolio, so instead, I will DM you pictures of my work after we get in contact. Hope to talk to you soon!


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We are still looking for one more builder. Friend Frozen Watermelon#0001 to apply