Too fast effect

Frist video is weird too.
the trail going under the floor and hiding.
because the weld working faster then server

Yeah, seems to be a new problem BuilderBird

Add a debounce if the effect is occurring too frequently.

this is Client processing. working well. right?
as i said, the problem is effects(trails) and Welds processing on client. no server


it’s not frequently problem… too fast problem.


I think ur enabling the trails on all the wheels when a single wheel touches the floor.

What you could do instead is loop through every wheel and check if that particular wheel touched the floor, and then execute ur code respectively

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You would have to show us your script in order for us to help you. If you don’t we can’t do anything.

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ok. as someone said, this was physics to server time difference issue.
not server to client issue.
as i can see, it working equally fast even my ping is worse or better.

so i have to give task.delay to efects.
but i have to know how much

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Roblox has a car that can detect how fast you are going. I would try and use that script, make some changes and use it in your model.

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@gfdhfdhhfhfhhf @geometricalC2123

here check the code

i know how to get car’s speed. but it is not related on this topic.

Thats how you make the trail work, just get a certain speed and enable it?

I said, the speed is not related on this topic.
this is physics engine or raycast, effect or script delay situation.

the video is for show you what’s wrong now.
it shows working trail even it not touched floor.

Huh, your saying that your scripts works well during client processing right? and the delay is on the server.

Try to slighty delay the appearance of the trails or make an additional check for the backwheels to check if they hit the ground.

If it doesnt work reply to me and ill think of another solution.

good idea but i already trying it.

the problem is how much time to delay them.

You probs need to calculate airtime (Which is how much time the car spent not touching the ground) and use it as a way to delay it. In IRL, cars dont always create tire marks after going back down.

But i dont think delaying it is a great idea. I think checking the rear tires is a better option as it let it know when the car has fully hit the ground.

Thought you wanted a too fast effect. Doesn’t your title say that? :confused:

“Too” means bad.

if i wanted faster effect, i would set the title “how to make effects emit faster”

not just rear tire situation