Tool 6D | Tool Animation Compatibility Layer!

This is great! I can’t wait to see what people do with this resource.

^^^^ As for this, I feel like Headstackk’s tool animation tutorial would pair perfectly with the one you’ve made! Here’s a link to Headstackk’s tutorial: How to animate Tool Parts (Guns, Knifes etc.)

Though I haven’t tested Headstackk’s tutorial with this one, I still believe it would work, someone feel free to correct me if it doesn’t

good job👍

I was aware of Headstackk’s tutorial (even referenced it in the old post!), however his has the usage of RemoteEvents, which had security flaws. The only difference with this resource is that it’s all server based, with no contact to the client.

His tutorial works, but if people are keen on server security (or just not wanting to utilize motors with local scripts) this is the resource for them.

Thank you for the response!

p.s I haven’t tested this with guns, thats up for the people to experiment! If someone may find a usage for it, or a lot of people request it, I’ll try my best to allow this to be more generically friendly.

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Dear @Vyntrick,

I am writing to report an issue with your Tool 6D Script. I have noticed that the tool handle is getting bugged and not working as expected. When I try to use the Tool 6D script it turns the handle in a weird position. I have tried various troubleshooting methods but the issue persists.

I would appreciate it if you could look into this issue and provide a fix as soon as possible. If you require any further information or details about the bug, please let me know and I will be happy to provide them.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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Question: How is this useful is this is so easy to implement?

I believe it’s useful because Roblox does not provide any native support for animating tool handles without having to use a script. I wrote this so if people have more than 1 part to a tool that needs to be welded to other parts of the body, this would help. I suggest reading over the post to learn how this would be useful.

You might have missed a crucial bit of the tutorial!

I completely understand because I did write quite the bit of content on the post. Here is a quick quote back to one of the issues you’re experiencing:

You can do this pretty easily by animating just the handle part to fake what a normal tool would look like. This solution was provided by another kind developer forum member who contributed to this post on the previous thread.

You can find that here:

Alternatively you could program the grip as suggested by @ej0w here, however I cannot guarantee the compatibility of this method, and animations I find work best for this.

Please do let me know of any other issues by private messaging me. I’d like to keep the post clear with bug reports instead of problem reports.

Have a good one!

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I dont like this tutorial, Heres why, This tutorial makes people hold animatable tools deppending on the holding/idle anim for it which is just yucky for some cases.

Lets say you have a weapon system and this weapon system can be customized to have different stats and weapon models, Now lets say you wanna play a deffault stagger animation for the player, so you stop the idle anim and play the stagger one and uh oh it seems your tool just clipped into the character’s hand since it’s deffault holding position is like that and you need to always play an anim to hold it the way you want it to look.

Yes im aware you can animate the tool on the stagger animation but guess what, now you need to do a stagger anim for every single weapon model as they all have different dimmentions and ways to be held so you have to make those.

So just use an attachment when you wanna define the poition in the hand for the model and then you weld it with the motor6D that way even if no animation affecting the model’s handle motor6D, the model wont go in a yucky way.

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You have the right to hold this opinion! This niche case is considered out of the scope when I wrote this.

Most people from what I’ve seen have used this for combos (click sequenced animations that change depending on number of clicks) and it has worked for a lot of peoples general use cases.

If you’re making a more advanced system where animations can be changed via a menu, or depend on some form of statistical information, you’ll definitely encounter issues.

This tutorial was written for complete noobs, just like the first one. I simply wanted to provide a little more functionality, and I had no intent on making this the best thing in the world.

You can feel free to fork the script and edit it to your desired outcome, but I likely won’t consider changing it myself because I want this to be beginner friendly.

If you’d like to manually set grips, I suggest referring to @ej0w message, with his script here that I mentioned in my previous reply.


Also sorry if I sounded rude by the way, that was not my intention i just wanted to point out that this method could be improved using attachments.

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Thank you so much! After looking for a solution for the same problem a second time for a different game I’ve now actually fixed the problem. My problem was, that I forgot to create Motor 6D in the Rig. Thank you so much you helped us out really good, bump as well!

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originally i had that tool being impaled in my arm bug, i used that fix that ej0w made and the idle animation works, but the weapons not animating properly during the attack animation

The animations all look fine in the editor.
An idle animation exists and plays in a loop when equipped.
but the tool is facing the wrong way

also if it gives anything, it’s a bow, the bow’s string is moving in the right way respective to the bow, but the bow is not facing the right way or in the right spot

I have been searching in other topics of Motor6D problems, found like 3 other people having the same problem with no replies on their topics.
So here I come, and I can say this here because the problem does not change when i use Tool6D method and script instead of others, it remains.

This is a common issue when using animated Tools. Your issue is likely that you animated with the Motor6D on a rig that had the C0 set with a specific value. Try to make sure the Dummy is animated with either no C0 offset on the Motor6D, or ensure that the Motor6D you’re using on your tool has the offset used.

This resource doesn’t currently have support to put the offset in the configuration, but this has been considered as of recently, due to internal discoveries.


have you tried the action 4 in priority?

I have a sword that floats next to the hand, but its constantly welded to the hand due to Handle. Will this tutorial help in this case? Also, can you repost the example video, I can see it for some reason

The only reason that happens is because anything attached to the handle will pivot around it as that’s the connection between the body part and the tool part.

The only way to have something not following the arms movement, is to set the Body_Part to Torso if you’re using R6. For R15, you’d pick either LowerTorso, or UpperTorso depending on your case for R15.

As for the videos, they’re working fine on my side. Have you tried clearing your browsers cache and reloading the page?

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I do wish this project would also work with require handle, and I think many people agree. I pretty sure you just need to translate the handle movement into grip orientation, buuuuuut I’m not the smart one here so… I also don’t know if the creator even updates it any, there really isn’t anything to update in the first place.

Currently exploring a method that allows for easier animating for Blender animators, and Roblox animators alike.

I cannot exactly say when I’ll update this again to use that method, but rest assured, this will be improved in the future :smiley:

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The way I’d like this to work for me is as follows:

Imagine an animation called juggle is playing on the humanoid’s animator. Of course, this causes the player to juggle. Now what I want is, no matter what tool he equips(flashlight, apple, cup, etc.) , for the tool to have an animation synced with the juggle. Basically for the script to detect the handle of any tool then juggle it. Would this be possible with this resource? If not I would really appreciate any suggestion on how else I could achieve this.

This resource allows Tools descendants to be animated along with the character. You probably could achieve this effect with the current system, but it’s on a per-tool basis, so the animation would likely be reloaded per-equip, as well as the motors.

Due to the current scope of the resource, which is for per-tool animating, this doesn’t support the functionality. A restructure of the scripts would be necessary to get this working as intended, so you’re better off doing this yourself, or waiting for when I come back to this with a more dynamic approach (which may or may not support the use case you have mentioned, as it is quite niche).

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