Tool box play preview sound overlapping issue

I was looking for a sound in the Tool Box in Roblox Studio in the window. But when I preview the sound, I think I can hear it twice at a time. How do you correct the sound purview to be heard twice at a time? I hear it very loud and strange because it’s very uncomfortable and sounds overlapping.


I have also found this issue to be present, have not found a way to fix it thus far.

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A temporary solution is to click the magnifying glass on the audio and preview it on the menu that opens.
You can also just insert the audios into your game and preview them there. Recently, in addition to this strange bug I’ve noticed that audios now play at a very very low volume, requiring me to almost put my headphones to the maximum volume.


Thanks!! I hope to fix the Roblox Studio’s audio bug

The bug has been fixed. I just tested an audio today and the preview no longer plays the audio twice or at a low volume. If you still have this issue, update your Studio.

EDIT: Some audios are still bugged though, mainly the Roblox-published ones.

EDIT 2: After further investigating, this issue is not fully resolved. The audios just play a little closer to eachother but aren’t singled out yet.


This is still an issue, audio preview is overlapped, only way to prevent it is inserting the sound object.


Oops, I just noticed this post was in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support and not in #bug-reports, sorry.