Tool handle is not working properly when "Right Arm" is renamed to something else

Tool handle will always not weld to the player’s “Right Arm” once the “Right Arm” is renamed to something else.
I tried searching if there’s any topic related to my issue but I couldn’t find any, how could I fix this? Thanks in advance!

		LeftArm.Name = "AnimDisabled"
		RightArm.Name = "AnimDisabled"
		if Attack == true then
			RS.C0 = RS.C0:Lerp(CF(0.7+0*math.cos(sine/13),0.6+0*math.cos(sine/13),0+0*math.cos(sine/13))*ANGLES(RAD(90+-90*math.cos(sine/3)),RAD(-270+60*math.cos(sine/3)),RAD(0+60*math.cos(sine/3))),.3)
		elseif Attack == false then
			if script.Parent.Parent.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass("Tool") then
				RS.C0 = RS.C0:Lerp(CF(0.65+0*math.cos(sine/13),0.6+0*math.cos(sine/13),0+0*math.cos(sine/13))*ANGLES(RAD(10+0*math.cos(sine/13)),RAD(-270+0*math.cos(sine/13)),RAD(0+0*math.cos(sine/13))),.3)
				RS.C0 = RS.C0:Lerp(CF(0.65+0*math.cos(sine/13),0.6+0*math.cos(sine/13),0+0*math.cos(sine/13))*ANGLES(RAD(0+0*math.cos(sine/13)),RAD(-270+0*math.cos(sine/13)),RAD(0+0*math.cos(sine/13))),.3)

I think roblox is welding the tool to right arm by checking if theres right hand or right arm inside the rig ( i dont really know ), so you could just not change the name to solve the problem.

I can’t do that since I renaming the limb is the only way to exclude it from being animated.
Why do I want it to be excluded you may ask?

Because it’s ruining the lerp animation with the walking animation (made by @Roblox) which is played when the player walks.

I mean, instead of changing name, you can do something like adding tags or adding attribute


if Instance:HasTag('AnimDisabled') then
    -- animation disabling code

You can do like this.