Tool hotkeys issue

when I try to get a weapon in my shop, it removes the old weapon that is in the category of the new weapon and clones the new weapon in the player’s backpack. It seems to work fine the only issue is that when it clones the weapon, the tool hotkeys don’t reset.

What I mean by this is that I have 3 tools. When I come in the game, the hotkeys say 1,2, and 3.
But if say I remove weapon 1, it now says 2,3, and 4. How do I change this so it always says 1,2, and 3
this is how I reset the weapons

weaponClone = tool:Clone()
weaponClone.Parent = sGear
weaponClone = tool:Clone()
weaponClone.Parent = player.Backpack

with weaponClone being an empty variable which I define earlier, and tool being a tool in ReplicatedStorage.

For this one are you trying to get rid of it?
If not then show where you get rid of the tool.

that was when i clone another tool in. Where I get rid of the tool i used Destroy()
like this:

if isWeaponInBackpack then -- isWeaponInBackpack is the tool in the player's backpack. --
children[i]:Destroy() -- the tool which i want to remove in the player's startergear --