Tool in hand not appearing

I came across this problem where I tried to make a tool but it was not showing in my hand
But its showing over here
and the tool is grouped and present in the StarterPack
What’s seems to the problem?


There needs to be a part named ”Handle” as one of the tool’s children, this is what the character will be holding once the tool is equipped. I would recommend using welconstraints to weld your parts together.

First off 2 things,

  1. And most important about tools is you need to have a “Handle”, a handle is a part which the tool connects to the player

  2. All parts of the tool need to be unanchored.

(If it still doesn’t work press on the tool in the explorer and check the “Requires Handle” option so it’s on)

You should check out this article

If it the tool starts falling to pieces, you should consider welding your tool parts to each other

I tried it but they are becoming into pieces

Try welding the parts together, its gonna connect the tool together (ill update the original comment)

Uhm how to weld it is it in the properties or if we right click it will appear?

Select 2 parts, then go to the Model Tab and press weld, do it will all the parts

To simplify weld is like and imaginary magnet sticking 2 parts together (like glue)

You can also do the method @AndeshaHassan said below

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Right click on your ”Handle” and click on ”Insert Object”. Then insert a weldconstraint. Inside the weldconstraint there are 2 properties called ”Part0” and ”Part1”. Change these to the parts you want to ”glue” together.

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This one right or

Yes, that is correct, it will make a weld constraint automatically

Another thing to remember is to make all of the Parts in your Tool have the Massless Property checked off (true) so that when you equip your Tool it won’t fling the Player.

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Just FYI you can have a tool without a handle.

If you click Tool.RequiresHandle off you will be able to hold the tool without any Handle.

I tried that its working but doesn’t appear on my hand

  1. Make a part named “Handle” and put it anywhere you want it on the tool. You may need to adjust the Handle in case it’s facing the wrong way.

TIP: Go look for the ‘Orientation Indicator’. It will help you show where the front surface is and if it’s upwards. You can easily find it by right-clicking.

  1. Make sure any of the parts are not anchored.
  2. Either download a weld plugin or manually weld all of the parts.
  3. To weld, insert a ‘Weld’, then go to its’ properties. You should see Part0 and Part1. Set the Part0 to the Handle and then any of the parts. Do this again and again until you have no parts left to weld. Oh and, you can put the Welds anywhere in the tool.

Thanks @GhostShinjiro @AndeshaHassan @koziahss @DevTest_2hd235 @Scottifly