Tool isn't in hotbar


I have a tool in starter gear that is supposed to stay in the hotbar, but it goes into the inventory system

Is there any way I can make the tool spawn into the hotbar when you join
It can be put in the inventory, but it cant be there when you join

The Tool is called ClassicBomb if you’re wondering


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You can put it in the players backpack too.

I think the inventory is the backpack

Where do you put the StarterGear?

I put the Tool in startergear, I dont have a custom startergear if thats what you mean

EDIT: idiotic me put it in starterpack

Simply put the tool in player’s character when he joins.

This page might help.

So the script will just fix my problem?

I’ll try it thanks

just put the tool in their hotbar once they are loaded in the game

I tried that, I cloned it to startergear, it just went to the inventory

Ok, It didnt work, nothing showed up in my hand

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How do I do that?
I think I will get the same results

local newTool ="Tool") = "test"
local function onPlayerAdded(player)
local starterGear = player:WaitForChild(" starterGear")
local myNewTool= test:clone()
myNewTool.parent = starterGear

try something like this please

in a hurry so didnt do it properly but do that with your own variables

Ok I can try that, I will let you know if it worked

in a localscript in Startercharacterscripts

local ClassicBomb = game.StarterPack.ClassicBomb

local Players = game.Players.LocalPlayer

local newTool =“Tool”) = “ClassicBomb”
local function onPlayerAdded(player)
local starterGear = player:WaitForChild(“starterGear”)
local myNewTool= ClassicBomb:clone()
myNewTool.parent = starterGear


It didnt put anything in startergear

Figured it out on my own

Modify the backpack