Tool not animating on the server (bug?)

Hello! I’m making my weapon animations and they play prefect on the client but the actual weapon doesn’t animate on the server, but then when you move the character on the server the motor 6D then updates. I’m using a tool and creating the motor on the server when the tool is equipped. Any help on this would be much appreciated!

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Who is the Network owner of the gun? (You can check by doing Instance:GetNetworkOwner())

I would assume the server as I have not set it manually

Set it to the client before the animation plays ( Instance:SetNetworkOwner(plr) )

I thought this step wasn’t required as I though animations loaded with a animator replicate automatically, I’ll give this a try though!

I tired this however it had no effect, the tool is still rotated the same as in the video

When I had the same problem that was my solution, So that’s as much as I know

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