Tool not working

Hello, my names Ash. I am having trouble with my tool. So I made a tool inside the Starter Pack and then I made a model and Grouped it and made it “Handle”. Then I play tested it and when I equipped the tool, it just showed my hand sticking out. I don’t know how to make it appear.

You name the part that the player is going to hold “Handle” not the tool’s name

I didn’t name the tool handle. I named the model inside the tool handle.

“Handle” should be a specific part not a model.

You have to name the part that the player is gonna hold “Handle”.

Here’s a plugin that could provide some more help with tools if you need it.

You name a part handle, not a model. The part is where they will hold it. You can use welds to hold the rest of the tool together.

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Oh ok. How do I put welds to hold the tool together?

Put a weld constraint in each part, set the part0 property to the part itself, then set the part1 property to the handle part

Edit: Make sure it isn’t anchored!

Ok and I even do that for the Handle or no?

No. It doesn’t make sense to weld a part to itself.

Edit: Welding holds parts together, so if one of the parts move the rest will move with it.

Alright, looks good now! Thanks for helping