Tool Sound plays in the area when Unequipping

So I want to make this boombox that plays only one song that I chose and every time I unequip the boombox the sound still plays in the area where I unequipped it. I know putting the sound into the tool instead of the handle works but then the RollOffDistance doesn’t work anymore and the sound plays in the entire server. I have a script that stops the music when you unequip it but it for some reason it only works when I put the script and music into the tool, but when I put it inside the handle it still plays the sound where I unequipped it.

local sound = tool:WaitForChild("Sound")



I’ve also tried replacing sound:Pause() with sound.Volume = 0 but the same thing happens.
I’m really confused as why this is happening and I’ve been losing my mind trying to fix this.

Here’s the video of what’s happening:

I think this isn’t an issue with my code or anything I think this is an issue from roblox. I’m just trying to find a way to fix it.


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