Tool.Activated not working

I got an issue with the Tool.Activated function.
I tried the script below with a normal and a local script.
The tool got a handle aswell but anything i’m trying is not working.
I hope anyone can help.


Do you have RequiresHandle enabled in the tool?

The only way I’d see it be wrong is if it’d be referencing the tool wrong. You need to get the tool, not the handle in case your script is within the handle.

In addition to this, do as @AxeI_c said and check if it has RequiresHandle enabled and be sure to keep the script within a local script, as local scripts are for anything client-sided, whereas normal scripts are anything server-sided.

I tried it with both RequiresHandle true aswell as false

It is in a local script and is not within the handle.

Is this script enabled? I can’t see how this isn’t working for you.

It was kinda weird but now i after i restarted Roblox Studio it suddely worked :thinking:
I have no idea what was wrong but thanks anyway.