Toolblox - The only safe toolbox

We know that for many developers it can be hard to find a good and safe asset for their work. That’s why we have created Toolblox, a website that has safe assets. You can also submit an asset and report a problem. If you have any feedback, suggestion or concern feel free to reply.


This is the best thing since sliced bread! I can’t wait for more assets to come in.

Wow that’s a hot website you must be good at HTML and CSS


Oh it’s a website, for a moment I was wondering how you made a plugin for plugins


Hey, I have a post but it doesn’t have 25 likes? Would I still be able to apply and have you review it or is it strictly no exceptions made?


Thank you for positive feedback :happy1:. I am trying my best to add as many high quality assets as possible, as I am trying to allow new comers and developers to easily and quickly find great assets for their projects.

I was trying my best to make this website look well and be responsive, if you look into the code you can tell that I am not fan of frameworks, just pure HTML, CSS and Javascript right here :grin:.


Uh oh… :flushed:


If you think that your model is decent then sure, you can try to apply.


You can still view the source code by opening the the website files through a link but yeah, you found the easter egg :joy:.


The code is neater than anything I’ve ever typed, that’s for sure. :sweat_smile:

I would also have a page showing well known groups that have been putting viruses in popular plugins. And to give people tips to avoid bad plugins. For example, you can say to always avoid plugins that have this on it.


Haha, thanks :joy:.

They change constantly (as they get locked) and the Toolblox was not made to be calling out the bad guys.

I will add this to the to do list, but it won’t be added any time soon unless I get tired of finding new assets.

Some people may add this to legit asset, so I would not really consider adding that, because it will make it look bad.

Not only plugins, but for now you will find a lot of them, however, there will be also other assets.



I love how simple is the website is. What I can say is there is still a room for improvement for the website, especially in UI/UX.

It would be best if you tried to fill this blank space by moving “Open in Roblox” button to that blank space.

and I’m quite aware that there is a price tag down there, but it is too small for me to notice so maybe it would be great if you put the price tag inside the “Open in Roblox” button and also reposition it to that blank space that I told you earlier. As an example, ROBLOX’s paid access button.


Overall, I really love your idea behind this thing. Keep it up! :slight_smile:


Awesome! I never really had issues with installing backdoored plugins, but this will help me sift through the marketplace to, who knows, maybe get a new plugin that would be extremely helpful that I just haven’t heard of yet!

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Already found a bug:

When clicking “Open in Roblox” on Archimedes Two it instead opens Building Tools F3X (Plugin).


Yes me and @Daw588 learned Lua Javascript and CSS because we knew it would come in handy :slight_smile:


Great resource! Only thing I’d try to research to fix is the viewing source code thing. (Good job for using the blocker lol) However, I could just right-click + View Page Source. You should do something similar to Discord that when you right-click nothing happens (I know HTML/CSS/JS as well).

EDIT: Add a site icon too :slight_smile:

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It seems like a great idea I will help in any way I can. If you would like assistance.

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Is the toolbox only for plugins?


No it is not. It should be for all categories in the tool box currently. I think.


Okay thank you. Have a nice day.


Thanks for the report; this issue has been resolved.

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