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Very cool! As a new developer, I plan to be using a few free models to help me, and this is a very useful tool. The website is clean too, which is a nice touch.


UI Update

In this UI update, I made couple changes and fixes to the UI design; now you can see more assets on the screen and I changed the URL for the “contact us” thingy. Soon site icon will come.


Thanks for the support :wink:.


Hey, this sounds like a great initiative! But is it possible to request models/plugins that aren’t mine? If the models are opensource?

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It seems like it is possible, you can access the Google form and check.

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May I ask, if the devforum post about it has lesser than requirements needed, can we still use it as an answer? And we are allowed to try applying for module scripts right?

Edit: Can we also have a link that connects to a devforum post on how to use it? Would tHat be allowed?


The actual website is okay but it could do with some adjustments.

From what I can see, you went for a material design? Use this, it’s a React framework but React is one of the best frameworks I have ever used (plus it is super easy to learn if you are familiar with JS, JSX (or TSX if you want) is really simple to learn!).

Apart from that, I really don’t think manual approval is a good idea. You could save a lot of time by grabbing the source of a model and sandbox it with H3x (H3x is a great tool which should be getting a refactor soon :eyes:).

Oh and if you use Roact, I’d highly recommend integrating this into your project.

Other than that, your plugin is a neat idea which only needs some things readjusted to make a good plugin.

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Woa that’s an epic idea

I’m hackerman lol


I’ve unfortunately been very slow to update H3x. It’s been around a month since I’ve last been able to work on it, I’ve not been able to make much progress on it, and I haven’t been notifying followers on updates at the moment because I’ve had a very unreliable schedule. The new framework (which I dubbed H6x) is concerned with making it much easier to use the sandbox, but unfortunately every time I work on it I end up running into road blocks in my own life.

It may be a year or two til I finally finish the project, I hope though that I can complete it before that long.


Yup, inspired bit from Google’s material design.

I don’t use frameworks or libraries :joy:, unless I really need to. I am using pure programming language without any help; it can be helpful to master some good skills, but that’s just my opinion and preference.

There is not a lot of submissions, so I don’t see any problem; I get like ~2 submissions per day. I could have some experienced and trusted contributors help me.

Thanks, I am trying to improve it each day when I can.



Yes you can; I don’t see any problem.

This actually seems really cool and handy

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I just found this and it seems amazing! You have such a great idea and I most definitely will use this every once in a while in the future! I cannot wait to see this little project of yours grow!

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Idk why but going to the website gives me an error on chrome, it says it doesn’t exist, I don’t live in the USA, could it be caused by that?

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I am not sure, it’s something to do with your browser or computer or whatever the source of the problem is, but I don’t think that it’s my website.


The site cannot be reached Check for typos in
If the spelling is correct, try running the Windows Network Diagnostic tool.

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I never had such a problem so I am not sure on how to fix it.

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This is something I’ve been brainstorming for a while, thank you for bringing my hardly finished idea to life! (Before I even prototyped anything :rofl:)

I’m going to start using this more often, I’ll recommend it to some friends of mine as well.

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One thing that would be pretty neat to add (especially once alot of plugins/models are available), would be a sorting feature by price. For example I want a plugin between 10 and 100 robux. This would be better than the “Free”, “Cheap” and “Expensive” tags.
You could also add the form for adding a model to the website, that way it is easily accessible.

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I will add that.

I will do that to :happy1:.

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im no hackerman : (