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I used “Roboto” font from Google Fonts; link:

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Thanks for your feedback; this behavior has been changed so people can still use the inspect element.


Thanks, as a fellow HTML/CSS nerd your code is beautiful, and I want to dissect it to improve my organization.


This is incredible. I am constantly looking for models to test out but sometimes they have sneaky viruses. I can safely search this toolbox without having to worry. :+1:

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You should add it where you can sort by module scripts instead of classifying module scripts as models.

Alright, thanks for your feedback. I will open up a poll.

Would like to be able to sort by ModuleScripts too?
  • Yes
  • No

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I added couple meta tags and now the website has a lot of information and it should be enough for Google search possibility; I also made the links more obvious. Here is example:


Awesome website! A simple theme that gets right to the point while not deviating too far from Roblox’s style. Very useful as well.

I took a look at the JS and I think you should check out JQuery; it’s an excellent and well-known library that makes JS life easy, ridding you of the need for mundane annoyances like ‘getElementById()’.

You already know AJAX so this bit shouldn’t be hard: you should replace ‘assets.json’ with a .php file that collects and returns a certain number of assets depending on the given ‘page’ number, instead of giving everything at once. This would give you more flexibility in the future when you have hundreds of assets listed and the website lags for the user. Otherwise, not only would the website take longer to load, but it would probably eat up a lot of memory.

Keep it up!

I know about that library but I stay away from any frameworks or libraries, unless I really need to use them.

That’s temporary solution for now, so I don’t have the entire list in my JavaScript code; like I said I will have pages to reduce load on the website once it has a lot of assets.

But I appreciate your feedback :happy1:.

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Have you registered with Google Search Console and uploaded a sitemap.xml? Those are both great ways to help.

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Nope, but I will try, thanks; however I added couple meta tags to improve Google search possibility and for link so it has a thumbnail, description and etc…

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Even if a plugins low-quality, it still will be useful. My plugins might be considered low-quality but it still helps people. Any useful plugin should automatically be added.

Is there any trackers?

Would my plugin be accepted, the post for it only has 16 likes and I’ve only put the post out 2 days ago but the plugin has been available for over a month.

What I mean by “very low-quality” is that the person/or the people who made the asset didn’t put much effort into making it; and instead they just inserted bunch of free models to make their asset. This is what I consider very low-quality.

Nope, we don’t even have a single analytic tool in the website.

Please don’t ask if your asset can be accepted; submit it through our Google form, even if you are not sure if it meets the requirements. I am planning to make the requirements more clear soon, so people can review their assets themselves to lower the amounts of rejected submissions we get.

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I see, anything that is largely made in free models shouldn’t be on the site.

I have submitted the Google Form but I wasn’t sure.

Most rejected assets are either completely made up of free models or they don’t work as described, or it’s because the asset was very confusing to understand on how it works (very random ones). However we send a message telling the user/developer on why their asset was rejected and what they can do to improve it if they wanted it to; even if the asset gets rejected, after some discussion we might change the decision and put the asset on our site.

It’s alright :happy1:.

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Thanks for responding quickly to my questions! You’ve explained everything brilliantly, good luck with the project.

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Great site!
All I suggest you to add is a card that shows you the amount of times people have clicked on the link.

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Wouldn’t that require accounts? and that could be easily botted.

You can track that by using IP addresses, so basically 1 click per IP address. (or, you can use cookies)
And, I don’t even think anyone would bot it, because of how useless it would be to bot.