Toolbox music credits?

I took a soundtrack for my game from the toolbox,do I have to credit the guy who made it in some way?

I wouldn’t say you would have to credit the person who made it, but it would be better if you did just because it’s a free sourced model and he provided it for use of everyone who has access to studio to use the model. It’s generally up to you in this situation, but if you credit yourself for “making” the model, that would be considered stealing other’s works.

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The fact is that I dont even know if the guy that posted it took it from someone else so if I credit him I will be in trouble

Someone else on the platform or another domain?

Both I guess,it wouldn’t make difference

I’d suggest looking it up in toolbox to see if any one else has made the model or atleast reproduced it as their own works. Generally, the person who first made the model will have it credited somewhere in the model or description. This isn’t guaranteed to work, but it’s worth a shot to see who the first creator of the model was.


As @e7c said, but if it was me I’d try getting on the safe side and finding the original owner to avoid any trouble into the future.

However, you don’t need to if you find and get in contact with the original uploader and ask for permission.

Wait a minute,I used a music identifier and I just found out the real song on youtube

OBLIVION - I’m sending you away by M83

You don’t need to, it’s a free model. When a model creator uploads his/her work to the toolbox for free, they must understand that credit is not needed for them.

Edit: To show (and credit) the actual song, I’d recommend making a prompt pop up when the song plays, like this:

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I just found out the real music

Credit the actual music in the game, there’s a reason why it’s been uploaded as free to use :+1:

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