Toolbox Search Should Observe All Portions of a Query

As a Roblox developer it is excruciatingly difficult to find the assets I desire because the toolbox does not take into consideration all portions of a query.

I do not have money to upload my own audio, so I often use the toolbox.

When I submit, for example, “Jazz Flute,” the algorithm will completely ignore the word “Flute” and bring up results reminiscent of if I were to just search up “Jazz.” When I submit “Chinese Radio” the toolbox will ignore “Chinese.”

You can test the above yourself with the two provided examples. Try isolating each portion of the query and then submitting the two words as a whole. You should encounter the issue.

This is very irritating because I cannot search for the audio I want, and must either scroll for a long time or simply compromise with a synonym (if one even exists) which may bring up fewer results than the initial query.

The tools to fix this issue already exist: Roblox’s website has a very intelligent search bar which takes into consideration the entire query. It would be amazing if the same algorithm could also be applied to the Toolbox.

Please implement a toolbox search which takes to into account all portions of a query!