tool.Equipped does not work

well, basically the tool.Equipped does not work for me, I really don’t think there is any problem since I check and it does not give me any problem, only the script is not executed. I suppose it is because there is a folder inside the tool since I need it to be inside the tool so that another script can be executed. the following script is in the tool, not in the folder that is in the tool

local tool = script.Parent

local function EnabledTool()
	local Character = script.Parent.Parent

	local Weld ="Weld")
	Weld.Parent = script.Parent
	Weld.Part0 = script.Parent.Handle
	Weld.Part1 = Character:WaitForChild("RightHand")
	Weld.C0 = CFrame(0, 0, 0)


I do this because as the part with Handle, it is inside the folder so the tool is not going to stick to the player’s hand

You can’t weld a tool, only parts

Is script.Parent, the tool variable, a folder? if so, then the code should be erroring when you try doing tool.Equipped:Connect() because folders don’t have the .Equipped event. You’d use .AncestryChanged in that case and then check if the Parent is a player’s Character

Also, you have an error on line 11, it’s, 0, 0), not CFrame(0, 0, 0)

@NinjaFurfante07, Nutricorp has the Handle and RightHand as Part0 and Part1 of the weld


Well he said that this script is inside the tool so script.Parent is the tool and not the folder

Nutri also said:

it [the Handle] is inside the folder so the tool is not going to stick to the player’s hand

that means that they might be simulating a tool using a folder

Ahh right, again I’ve read wrong sorry.