Tools Doesn’t Disappear when Ability is Used

I recently hired a scripter to help me script a variety of abilitIes. We ran into a problem with the ghost ability. (When it is activated by pressing Q, the player becomes invisible for a few seconds.) However, we encountered a problem with when the player is holding a tool. When the player uses ghost, they disappear just fine, but the tool remains visible. How would I also hide the tool?

maybe you could get all the tools in the character(the one the player is holding) and get the parts inside and check if they are baseparts and set them transparent

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The tool I’m using is a sword. There is only one thing that is visible is a meshpart. The handle is a small bock I’ve already set transparent. Both are direct children of the Tool

then you could find if it is a base part or a mesh and if so set it transparent

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