Tools not being held by players

Hello, I am attempting to allow players to pick up tools by clicking ‘E’, which was successful. However, the holding animation plays but the tool stays in mid-air (with anchored on) or falls through the ground (with anchored off).

The tool is given to the player from a server script inside of the workplace. When I place the tool inside the StarterPack, it is held fine so I think it is because of the tool being cloned from ReplicatedStorage to the player.

Does anyone know a fix? I am using a welding script which says the tool should be anchored. I did not make the weld script, as it is a model elsewhere.

Thank you, here is a screenshot of what is happening:

(p.s. I removed the backpack GUI, as I want the character to not have control over what they are holding. If I have this on and manually activate the tool, it teleports the player to the tool)

So after ages of not being able to fix, I fix it in the 10 minutes after I post. I’ll post the solution anyway:

Before I equipped the tool to the humanoid, I cloned the tool and the parent of the clone as the workspace. That’s it.

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Not super sure why that was happening, but I guess what was going is, when the tool was in replicated storage, it had a different origin, and when it was cloned to workspace first, its origin changed to the global workspace origin

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