Tools now showing up in hotbar

Hello! I am having problems with this script and I am not sure what to do!

Does anyone see any problems with this script? It gives the player the weapon but it doesn’t show it in the hotbar

local function GivePlayerWeapon(plr)

    local function FindHumanWeapon()

        local LightFolder = game.ServerStorage.PlayerData:FindFirstChild(plr.UserId)

        local light = LightFolder.Weapons.Equipped.Value

        return light

    if game.ServerStorage.GameInProgress.Value == true then
        local lightgear = FindHumanWeapon()
        --local lightlol = game.ReplicatedStorage.Tools:FindFirstChild(lightgear)
        local lightlol = game.ServerStorage.Tools:FindFirstChild(lightgear)
        local lightobj = lightlol:Clone()

        lightobj.Parent = plr.Backpack


Nvm the problem was CoreGUI was set up to false