Tools or Welded models?

All I need to know is the superior option out of using tools, or welding a model to a player. The factors I want to account for are animation and server load. If you answer please remember to explain why. Thanks in advance!

*If someone could make a pros and cons list, that would be greatly appreciated

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I don’t know much about this, but I feel like tools seem in a way less professional and more old school. May just be me though.


I would agree with that. When I use tools, I usually hide the backpack gui and use Humanoid:EquipTool() to equip the toos easily

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Pros of tools

Easier to use with built in features
Easier to create places where users hold objects (handles, grips)

Cons of tools

Comes with old deprecated features
You are stuck with the inflexible roblox tool system
Server memory can be eaten up based on how much stuff is going in and out of the tools scripts

Pros of welded models

Able to use different inventory and animation systems
Easier to model
Easier to set collisions/texture items

Cons of welded models

Harder to make grip points
Extra work to do things tools do in a second
More animations to script (idles, actions)
Make your own events and variables
More sever and Local viewscripts (grr)

Overall tools are better to quickly make and do something, but for a more professional/complex situation use welded models


Tools come with the already backed support by the Roblox engine, do you think that you could implement the same system better?

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Why not just use tools, disable the backpack UI, and make your own?


This makes it come off as more professional while still utilizing all of the already-existing functions and events that come with the Tool class.

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Tools make your life easier by having the equip and unequip system by default, you can add animations to customize them (obviously with scripts). And if you dont like the GUI you can hide it and use the functions “EquipTool()” and “UnequipTools”.

If you decide to use models you might have a harder time recreating everything tools can do