Tools which don't affect the Character's weight?

Hey developers!

I’ve been at it for a while but have found no way to remove the effect of a tool’s weight on the player. I’m encountering issues with tools, presumably to do with the weight, where the arm rotation is incorrect, leading to the tool facing the wrong way. It also constantly pulls the player to the ground.

So my question, is there any way around this? I desperately need to figure this out for a current project.

Edit: The tool is comprised of meshparts, I assume converting these to meshes within tiny parts would fix the issue; however, that seems like too much of a workaround.

Any help is appreciated!


I don’t think you can have a part with absolutely no weight, but you can set the density of the parts really low as a workaround.

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You can go into CustomPhysicalProperties and set everything to 0. That will make it pretty much weightless.


Set CanCollide to false as well.

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Already tried this, but didn’t work. The density of an object has a minimum of 0.01 which still massively affects the tool, even at the same scale as before.

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Already tried this, same issue happens.

How are you attaching it to the character? That could be your problem.

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The same as any tool class. It contains a handle.

EDIT: I know this isn’t the issue as it works just fine when i reduce the size.

Maybe you can insert a body force into the tool in order to cancel out the effects of its weight?

Meshing is the answer. Importing it to blender, separating the parts by color, joining them, and importing them back in will fix this issue. Let me know if you need help doing it.

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Attempted, didn’t work.

Would that really be the only way? It seems like such a big workaround to the issue.

It is the only way I’ve been able to successfully make weapons ‘weightless’. It isn’t that much of a hassle, depending on the tool it’s only about 10-20 minutes worth of work and as a bonus you can remove some triangles which help memory usage.

I’ll try it out.

Seems to fix my issue after a small test with some preset meshes I have. Thanks.

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I just converted the entire tool to meshes, still seem to be having the issue.

EDIT: the issue doesn’t seem to drag the player to the ground anymore; however, the arm rotation is still weird.

PS: Just resorted to changing the tool’s size to as a hotfix. Request for the thread to stay open until a full fix is found.

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What’s the size of the tool? The tool would have to be insanely large to cause these effects.

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Around 2 x 0.2 x 20

Mind sending me it so I can mesh it and test for myself? Not really any other way for me to replicate this. Any tool I’ve done this method with so far has worked perfectly fine, with no other effects such as a character being weighed down or strand rotation, that usually happen with normally built tools.

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If you made it a mesh and it didn’t work, use that mesh as a special mesh. Use a part that is sized 0.05, 0.05, 0.05 and change SpecialMesh’s size.

You can counteract the mass of a part using a BodyForce or Velocity with a relative force (part:GetMass()*workspace.Gravity) making it effectively weightless