Top of texture wont load sometimes

So i am having an error with my cube based terrain game.
I have been trying to reduce lag and found out how by using textures the only problem is that the top textures of the side of the camera wont render. The part the texture is on is transparent. I need the part to be transparent to reduce the overall lag.
Here are some screenshots of the error.

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Not sure if it’s just me but I don’t see anything wrong here?


If you look to the side you will see that some of the textures on top do not get rendered

Here is a closer look take a look at the left side

I’m pretty sure that having six texture instances on a single part causes more lag than the transparency of a single part.

Just have the entire part/block be offloaded based on proximity/render distance.

Alot of people tell me this yet i have no idea how i find that it is less lagging tho with texture