Topbar Content and Escape Menu Fail to Load on Rare Occasions

This issue has been occuring for a while now where the Topbar buttons fail to load in-game and in studio test sessions.

This bug occurs inconsistently on all games. Reproducing is as simple as joining a game or starting a studio session and hope to see that it just occurs.

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Are there any errors in the output when this happen? How long has this roughly been happening for? How often does this occur for you?

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Weirdly, there are no errors in the output or developer console. I started noticing this happening 2-3 days ago. The likeliness of this to occur is once every 30 games I suppose. However I think this may have something to do with games loading quickly which doesn’t give the topbar enough time to initialize.

We have turned on a speculative fix to this issue with the new release, please let me know if anyone sees this after updating to the most recent client.