TopDown view or free camera ? Help me decide!

Hello everyone !

Okay so I don’t know what would be the best type of camera for my game, and i need your help.

The game consist of a maze randomly generated with monsters inside, and you can cast spells (something like League of Legends, to give you an image). The choices :

  • Top down view : Camera is fixed at a high Z value, pointing at the character, and you can rotate around the character (i could remove the rotation)
    It’d look something like this :

    (you can adjust the Z offset with the scroll)

  • Classic camera : ←

  • Top down view with rotation
  • Top down view without rotation
  • Classic camera
  • top down view and classic (You can chose in the option (more work for me tho))

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Just tell me what kind of camera you like in games =D

Thank for your time


I think you should give the player an option.

Being restricted to hardly any movement can frustrate the player, and may cause them to leave early. If it’s harder work though, I suggest doing the “Top down view with rotation”.