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Tops’ Admin


Tops’ Admin is built on the key rule of, “simple”. My admin system does not contain fun commands for you to play with, it contains basic admin commands and some developer related ones. The only ones in so far are setting a value in the player’s data folder, warn, kick, ban.

Why should I use it?

Tops’ Admins is very flexable and fits almost any use case. I am publishing here to see what everyone would like to see added! It is very secure, and very useful. The gui is simple and modern.

How do I use it.

The admin system is simple to use! Just type the keyword in chat and load a player and you’re done! It’s built to be very simple to pickup and use.

The Configuration Options!

This is a list of all the things you can edit about Tops’ Admin and what they do.

Config Name | Value Type | Description | Default Value

DataFolder | StringValue | This is the folder the Gui will load data to edit from | leaderstats
GiveWarnOnKick | BoolValue | If the player is kicked should they get a warning? | true
GroupId | IntValue | The group the admins should load from (if chosen) | 0
GroupRank | IntValue | The rank number the admin should trigger for a player | 255
OpenKeyword | StringValue | The word(s) someone must say in chat to open the gui | ;;
UserGroupForAdmin | BoolValue | Should we load admins from group or admin list | false
WarnBanTime | IntValue | The amount of days to ban someone if they exceed a set number of warns | 2
WarnsBeforeBan | IntValue | The amount of warnings a player can get before being banned | 5

This sounds a w e s o m e where can I get it?
you can get it there

Ending notes

only download the one by “Mr_Topsgaming”

Installation instructions are in the model.

I am also planning to add multiple data folders you can load from.

If you do use the system in your game could you please pm me, I am curious if someone could find a good use for my admin system.