[TOS Questions] Does this Payment System Count as Giving Away Robux?

Hello there,

I’m the Founder and CEO of FlyGreen Airlines (https://www.roblox.com/groups/5171980/FlyGreen-Airlines#!/about ) , and we have a payment system (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mAkxuKo5iG9ow7WXCPLgRfFc3Uup4cq7KSkRp6PY2YM/edit#heading=h.fuw291zbn95o ) that has raised some concerns for me. I’ve read numerous posts about accounts getting deleted or having DevEx declined because they were giving away robux for free in giveaway, so I might as well ask to see if our payment system is allowed on the Roblox Platform according to the TOS, so I won’t risk having my account deleted.

Every time a staff member joins a flight and works at it for the full flight, they will be paid from 10-50 robux. I read somewhere in the TOS that your not allowed to giveaway robux, so I want to see if this counts. I’m not doing like giveaways or that sort, its just that when a staff member joins a flight and works there, they will receive a payment. Also, when they apply for a position and pass, they will receive 75 robux. I don’t know if this counts as giving away robux, as it’s just as a prize for their achievement passing the application. So is this allowed?

I’ve already spent over 1.5k robux on payments so far, and don’t want to risk my account being deleted. Thank you so much, and have a nice evening/morning.

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