Touching 2 anchored parts

So when 2 parts are anchored or welded to something anchored and they touch each other Touch function doesn’t work. I have tried some different methods before but none of them are as smooth as I want it to be. So is there any good solution to this?

I don’t see why Touch Events wouldn’t work for something welded or anchored. Could you provide more information or code you’re referring to?

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Are you trying to see if the 2 Parts are Touching each other to fire the Touch event, or are you trying to have a player Touch the 2 Parts to fire the Touch event?

I think Touch only fires the first time they come into contact which is why you need debounce with Players. If they touch before your script loads would that be part of the issue?

Just throwing some questions out there, I may be waaay out in left field.

I’m talking about two parts touching each other. If player touches anchored wall for example since Players Parts are not anchored the function will trigger . But if I change CFrame of something which is also anchored and position it inside the wall it won’t work.

Touched is not fired if a part is CFramed through it.

Figured that already. I’m asking if there is an alternative solution to this problem

Do the parts intersect at some point?

Well to give you the idea of what I’m doing right now I’ll explain how I want my script to work. So I’m Inserting a rock fist in workspace and shooting it not with velocity but with for loop where I change its CFrame. When it hits something it should explode. But since fists itself is anchored if it interacts with something like a wall(Which is anchored as well) Touch won’t work.

In that case, I’d construct a ray pointing outward (with a length of a few studs) from the knuckles of the fist and loop-check to see if the ray hits any part other than itself.


You are talking about Region3 ?

They’re talking about raycasting.

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Oh I see. Thanks for the link. I guess this should work.