Tower Of Pain - Halloween Update

Hello, Roblox Community

Me and my team (Snowflake Development Team) have been working on a Roblox game named “Tower Of Pain”. Check it out here: Tower of Pain - Roblox. Recently our team has published some awesome new updates and changes to the game. This forum post will talk about these new updates in more detail.

Limited Time Halloween Obby
Our team has worked hard to release a mini-obby in the game “Tower Of Pain”. You can access the obby by stepping on the teleporter. The teleporter currently has no cooldown set on it so it may not work for you but if this is a problem for you, let us know and we’ll fix it. This mini-obby is limited time and will be removed from our game later in November.

New Halloween Package
If you viewed our recent update post, you will know that the game released a Halloween gamepass. This gamepass unlocks a special Halloween tool for you to use! This gamepass is limited time and will be removed from our “store” later in November. It can be purchased for 800 robux in-game or in the “store” section of the game panel.

Bugs Fixed
Roblox games always have bugs. Our beta testers reported some bugs which we fixed for you all. If you ever encounter a bug or glitch in-game, do not hesitate to report it to us so we can try to fix it. Bug fixes include gamepasses, game settings, obby preformance and other general glitches. Our team is always trying to limit the number of bugs in our game.

New Gamepass Sidebar
Before, our game always had GUI buttons which allowed you to purchase our gamepasses from in-game. Now, one of our developers has created a sidebar for the gamepass buttons which looks awesome. You can still purchase the gamepasses in-game as before but now the selection has some style to it.

If you want go check out our game and send us some feedback! We would love it if you did. Here is the Roblox experience link: Tower of Pain - Roblox. Have an amazing day.

Snowflake (@SnowflakeForest10)