Tracking down RoSync main module - Help

I’ve been attempting to find the main RoSync script, (To report it, of course.) but it’s extremely hard.

I started off on a trail of grabbing a crap ton of free models, and finding a loader, and then it led me on a chase of linkers. ModuleScript after ModuleScript just doing return require(whatevernumber) to link to the next module script or require(whatevernumber), and I had to go through each one, then add the ID to, then search it up, then add it in game, then get the ID, then repeat. The issue with it is that it’s super inefficient, and it would’ve taken me a half an hour to get through 100, and I’m sure there are plenty more than that.

I tried to make it faster by running require(number).Parent = workspace in the command bar, but that didn’t work so that idea was out the window. And now I can’t seem to think of an efficient way to do it.

Any thoughts?

Unfortunately, the trail is likely going to end at a heavily obfuscated module owned by a throwaway account. They seem to use a network of bot accounts to hide their source and the code could be reuploaded elsewhere if it gets deleted.

The best way to stop these would be to just report any free model or plugin you find containing the loader, as well as advising your friends & fellow builders to be careful using free models.

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And yet, I still want to find it, and possibly collect linker IDs to stop the link process and have them deleted, so when it tries to get the linker, it just doesn’t exist.