Trading System in-game - External or In-house?

I have an interesting question, more so to see how other developers would handle such a process.

I’ve made a few Trading System’s in my time, but I am interested to know how others would handle it, recently I’ve been conceptualising the idea of handling trading communication off-platform using a JS app and then just using Roblox HttpService to send the requests to the server.

Previously I would always handle trading from within Roblox, using session-locking to deal with the trade, but wondering if anyone has ever attempted/used a JS app to handle trading?



You will probably have more options for security if you do that since its your own infrastructure. It will be a lot more work though, both setting up and maintaining.

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Conceptually it wouldn’t make a difference. You’d be programming the exact same logic in the external server as on the Roblox server where all the rest of your serverside gameplay code is. The only advantage I can think of is that there’s a lot more information available about how to securely program a server that’s not related to Roblox, and probably more JS libraries than Lua libraries, some of which might handle security related stuff for you somehow.

Someone who actually does use external servers might know something I don’t though :sweat_smile:

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