Trail starts on different place on client than in server

So this is pretty weird, but basically I am lerping a part with trail, so it looks like a bullet trail. But for some very random reason, when watching from server the trail goes normally from tip of the weapon. But when I switch to client, the trail starts somewhere farther from the weapon. I have tried setting network ownership to the part with trail, but no difference. What can I do so the trail comes from the right place client-side?
video of the bug:

The lerping script is server script btw

It looks like that’s how far the shot has moved on the server by the time the client knows it exists. If so I would expect the gap between gun and trail to be wider the more network lag you have.
These are generally tough problems to fix. FastCast has done a good job of it so I just use that.

A quick dirty fix that comes to mind is to generate a second trail in a localscript between the gun barrel and the start of the first trail, then lerp the gun end of that trail to the bullet end client-side, assuming you can find the point where the trail starts on the client.

Sadly, I don’t think I can use FastCast for this one. But thanks to this piece of information:

I think I can figure something out, thanks for your help!

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