Trailer Park (Testing) Feedback!

Hello everyone! I am looking for some feedback on my game :!/about before we launch. I want to get this perfect before an official launch.

Things we are looking for :

  • Two more game passes

  • Feedback on any building/lighting

  • Feedback on gameplay

  • Anything else

Feel free to tear us apart with the feedback we really need it!

Thank you all :slight_smile:

P.S. we are aware of some bugs

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Few bits of advice:
The text is too long, have more action, less talking.
Remember your target audience Is probs about 10-12 for this type of game, you can always cut back a bit on perfect grammar and literary devices.

The lighting is way to dark in the bit where you are walking through woods.

forgot gamepasses, capitalise off your dev product, revives will be your main source of income.

Despite the fact this feedback is critical the game will succeed for three reasons:
The name,
The thumbnail,
the nature of the game.


Thanks for the feedback! We will take what you said into consideration and adjust accordingly.

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