Train bogie does not turn after welding

Hi there! I am now working on a game named “CountyBlox Railway”.
I did a train model by getting train models from toolbox and re-designing it to my own needs. I did a high speed train as a start. I had a bogie that I made was designed to turn on tracks. But after using weld to hold the parts on place , it was no longer turning. It was just getting stuck , but Its good at going forward.

Is there are a way to make it turn again?

You appear to have welded the bogie to the train itself. Make sure the weld doesn’t include the bogies hinge aswell, as that will stop your bogie from turning.

Tip for the next time: try to include some pictures or videos of the issue you’re having, that helps a lot!

I’m using a weld script to do that.

But you want the bogie to turn; therefor, the bogie shouldn’t be welded to the train, should it?

I can remove the weld script and do myself , but I don’t know how to. Can you help me with a tutorial or something?

What are you using to make the bogies turn? Hinges, hinge constraints, or anything else?

I’m not the one who created the bogie. I guess I’m gonna contact to him.