Train not running smoothly?

Hello, I’m trying to make a little “train” just for physics testing, using NWSpacek’s Vehicle Seat 2, model. I had set my little vehicle up and everything with some rails for it to run along. But whenever I test the game the thing moves kind of odd, it will constantly shake on the track and won’t run smoothly.

Here’s video -
robloxapp-20221014-0849404.wmv (2.0 MB)

I’m already assuming people are going to tell me to use gliders and stuff but I have NO IDEA how gliders work for how to make them so uhm, anything else?

Could you convert the video to a format that embeds? Like mp4? or upload the video to a service such as YouTube or Streamable?

This is just something with the roblox physics. Not much of a fix i can think of besides a prismatic constraint.

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