Train Sim change log

Train sim version 2.5

Hungary :hungary: and Romania :romania: : expansion

  • 6 new stations

New trains :train2:

  • Locomotive
    MÁV 431
    MÁV 418
  • Wagon
    CFR 21-47
    CFR 26-16
  • Unit
    Siemens Desiro
    Class 861

Trains entering and leaving simultaneously

  • may occur if neither train has to switch to opposite track

Teleport hub changes

  • search bar to find servers through server id (players in a map place can find server id in train sim settings page)

UI Changes

  • Font changes
  • Reduced extra frame in menu after picking train type
  • Removed ‘Change livery’ button in consist creator
  • Removed the scroll bar above the consist creator to change train in focus
    scroll/swipe on the train picture itself instead
  • Dispatcher signal UI simplified
    2 signals combine into 1 frame as long as not on same side
    removed magnifying glass button to inspect signal (click on the signal icon instead)
  • New leaderboard ui
    chat tag controls color of your name in leaderboard
    chat tag with emoji infront, the emoji may appear beside your name as well
  • Zoom out animations on certain buttons
  • +other (smaller) changes

Revised pantograph code

  • Reduced maximum pantograph raise angle (avoid over extention for trains like Class 460)
  • Tried improving wire detection

Other changes

  • Removed private server commands ‘/kill’ and ‘/kick’
    server owners use buttons in the player profile on leaderboard instead - kill button does not appear for players in menu
  • Tried fixing train icons on map ui being upside down
  • Tried fixing again not all trains loading in train preview side
  • Tried making it so engine idle sound still plays when train is stationary for non-electric trains
  • Maximum speed limits allowed to break 5 → infinite
  • Check page shows in-motion period with shift duration (time recorded while train is moving)

play: [ROMANIA-HUNGARY!] Train Sim - Roblox