Trainer Guide - Security

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Trainer Guide - Security.

Greetings! My name is (name) I will be your trainer for today. I will be telling you about your job, and how to do it.

First, we’ll talk about uniforms. You should wear your uniform at all times, unless you are an HR+.

Your uniform is important so Hotel Guests know they can come up to you and ask for help when someone is trolling.

Next, we’ll talk about tools.

When you join the hotel, you’ll get handcuffs. You must not abuse these tools, abuse of tools will lead to demotion.

That means, no glitching people through walls.

Next, warnings.

When warning somebody, use this format provided : WI - (Reason) - (Name).

You do not have to put the name, but I’d advise you to.

As a security, you must patrol the hotel and be on the lookout for trollers, spammers, on exploiters.

Trollers will only get III warnings, after you have given them warnings, cuff them and wait for an MR+ to come.

Exploiters get no warnings, screenshot them and report it to an HR+ immediately.

Spammers will get warnings, but not if they are majorly spamming.

You do not need to screenshot major spammers, for MR+ can check chatlogs.

Do you have any questions before we finish for today?

Answer questions.

Helpers, you may commence to a trainee.