Transfer Data Between Connected Places

I Am Making a Story Game For Which I Need to Transfer Data Between 2 Places, The Lobby and the
Actual Game Server.

I Will be Creating Leaderstats With “Wins” in the Main Lobby and I Somehow Want That when the Player Wins in the Other Place, The leaderstats In the
Lobby Gets Updated.

I Think I Can Use Messaging Service for This But Got No Idea How.

Thanks for Reading!
Please Help If You can :slight_smile:

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If the places are in the same universe you just have to load the data from your data store using the same key and data store name. Otherwise use teleport data.

Yes… The Places are in the Same Universe. So Can i Use DataStore with A Key and DataStore Name between the Two Places? And Will it work if i do that?

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Yes it will definitely work although I would recommend using data store 2 because although not documented by roblox data loading times are slower.

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