Transform tool "Select plane" button needs a hotkey



The transform tool in studio is hard to use, in that you have to keep clicking on the “select plane” button, when a hotkey should probably be available.

I mostly use the standard “Move”, “Scale”, “Rotate” tools rather than transform. However, the transform tool feels so much better and easier to use than the older tools, except for one critical flaw: Clicking on the plane selector button. A hotkey would be soooo much smoother, quicker, and would put the transform tool above the other 3 as far as usability.

Any time you use the transform tool, you are locked into the selected plane, and honestly it feels “less free” than the other tools, which allow you move the part on all 3 axes. This wouldn’t actually be a big problem if it wasn’t such a hassle to select what plane I want to work on.