Transformation Function of UpdateAsync not executing when wrapped inside of a pcall

Recently I have been working on my games datastores, and part of that is obviously the saving of data using UpdateAsync. Easy enough, never had issues with it before. For some reason though, it no longer seems to work when wrapped inside of a pcall. Script works perfectly fine if I remove the pcall, but with it, it simply fails to execute the transformation function. Even the example from the roblox wiki does not work for me when I tested it.

The script I am using:

		local formerData = oldData or {DataId = 0}
		if savedata.DataId == savedata.DataId then
			return savedata
			return nil

If anyone knows what is behind this issue, please let me know as this is quite frustrating.

How do you know it’s not being called? Have you tried stepping through the code?

EDIT: also, is this intentional?

if savedata.DataId == savedata.DataId then