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Hello developer, thank you for considering Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority on Roblox.

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About Us

We are currently a group of 5500+ members and our game currently have over 300K+ visits in our main game. We are a transportation company based on the MBTA in real life, which operates in Boston, Massachusetts in United States. Currently, we are expanding our operations to a second game, and making a new generation of vehicles named MBOC, which is going to be one of the most advanced buses on Roblox, including timetables, spawn system and purchase system. The goal of our game, is that players train to be a bus operator, and earn points and experience while driving the bus, and can use points to purchase new buses, liveries and configurations, and using the experience metric to gain access to be interviewed in the future for higher ranks such as supervisors and dispatch. Right now, we are mostly a team of builders, and a handful of scripters, however in order meet future growth needs, we are looking for more scripters.

More details of our future can be discussed within Discord.

About the Development Department at MBTA.

YouImAGIneEverything (Head Developer at MBTA) has been developing for over 4 years, and 2 years in his current position, he specializes notably in building vehicles in which you can see here: . zack984 (Assistant Head Developer at MBTA) has been developing for over 4 years, and has been in MBTA for over 5 years, he specializes notably in coding vehicles and systems for MBTA which you can see here: .Both developers had played a major role in the group growing from under 400 members to currently over 5500+ members, thanks to two buses we have developed and improved over the years. Our development team is equally competent and professional, as for the delivery of new updates to the game, and building our second game, you can see some pictures here: .

About The Job

Complete scripting of new subsystems for our new system, including automatic training, and shop, and in the future more.

Intermediate scripter (2+ years’ experience). Expected to understand Roblox API, Roblox Lua, Roblox Services, Server Client communication, data stores, cross-server communication and HTTP service.

Communication, Leadership, Problem Solver, Work alone and in Groups, necessary.

Must be active (at least 4-5 hours minimum of contribution during school period per week, and 8-10 hours minimum per week during vacation period) and ideally be able to participate in Voice Calls on Discord.


We are paying, around 3000R$ by the method of group funds depending on work done, length and quality, and by project. The payment may increase or decrease, or no payment may be done, if work is done significantly late, non-completion, or poor quality. Additionally, if you are deemed ready and you do great work, you will move on to a full-time developer at MBTA, which will not just pay out once, but at least 1000R$ per month if we are profitable, if we remain at the current state, you will be payed only once 1000R$-3000R$, until we are profitable.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, or via Discord at: Chui Cocoette#1335

You must be at least 13 years or older to apply.


Even though I am not a developer for the Roblox MBTA, I can vouch for working for this group (as I am an Internal Affairs member) as the members are very communicative and it seems like a realistic group.

After listening to the new announcement for the new buses, I can say that their new plan is most likely going to be successful and profitable.

As long as you are prepared to deal with people like “AHHHH” instead of them calling a Transit Supervisor+, you’ll be fine.

No this is not a paid review or sponsored by the Roblox MBTA. This is an honest review.

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Hello,I’m a love to do this job

Hey, thanks for your interest, you can DM me on Discord @ Chui Cocoette#1335
Just send me a friend request first :slight_smile:!

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